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The Diocese of Arlington has revised the Code of Conduct. These guidelines apply to all Diocesan, Parish and Catholics Schools. All adults working alongside with children, ministries and volunteer services are expected to follow these guidelines.

The Revised Code of Conduct must be downloaded and signed. Only the original receipt should be turned in to Connie Gilligan, Parish Safety Child Coordinator, in the Religious Education Office.



All flyers, leaflets, pamphlets and the likes should be left at the parish office for approval before leaving them for distribution. Those left without permission will be subject to disposal. Permission should be obtained for hanging flyers on doors and in hallways. The wall outside the parish office is the only authorized area for public postings. Parish groups should be respectful of others when setting up tables in the lobby: Please do not move or remove anything that is already in placeSaint Theresa Parish follows the Loudoun County Schools policy regarding closures due to inclement weather. Masses are celebrated as long as it is possible for the priests to reach the facilities. ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES THAT TAKE PLACE ON THE PARISH GROUNDS WILL BE CANCELLED

When you come to Mass, in the main vestibule there are cards in a holder along the wall to the school office, near the book rack. These are about the size of a half-sheet of paper and have “Diocese of Arlington Registration” on them. Take one of these, fill it out, and give it to an usher or priest, put it in the collection, or slide it under the parish office door. Alternately, visit the parish office during office hours to fill out the same form. Sorry, we do not mail these forms.WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN “ACTIVE CATHOLIC?”

Frequently, those seeking to celebrate Marriage, have children baptized or serve as sponsors for Confirmation or Baptism request a letter stating that they are parishioners. To receive such a letter, one must be registered in the parish, attend Mass regularly, and be committed to a stewardship of time, talent and treasure. In a community as large as St. Theresa’s, one means of verifying participation is through the use of parish offertory envelopes. If you choose not to participate in the support of the parish, or are unable to contribute at this time, please at least note your prayerful support on your envelope and place it in the weekly offertory. We will then be aware of your continued participation, and you will not be noted as “inactive” on our parish roster.


All volunteers with the Youth Ministry Office must beVIRTUS certified.This is a Diocese of Arlington requirement. If you are volunteering to teach, aide, or assist regularly in the Youth Ministry Program, you must complete this training and fill out the necessary forms.If you have already completed this training, then you must update your status annually in order to remain certified


Augustine’s Brothers – Men’s Purity—Augustine’s Brothersis for men desiring spiritual growth and support in fostering alife of greater purity chastity according to one’s state in life.

This group is ideal if you simply struggle with the barrage of
our hyper-sexual culture or if you find yourself struggling at a
deeper level with porn or other sexually addictive behaviors.
Through confidentiality and accountability, prayer, spiritual
study, fellowship, and the Sacraments, we are able to become
the Godly men we long to be. Lives are being changed, healed
and restored through this ministry. Come visit us and see for
yourself. Augustine’s Brothers meets in Reston.

Lent Begins This Wednesday

Confessions will be heard from the conclusion of the 6:15am Mass until 8:15am & again from 6:30pm until 7:15pm.
Ash Wednesday is a day of fast and abstinence. All Catholics from the age of 14 are required to abstain from meat. All Catholics 18 through the conclusion of their 64th year must fast; one regular size meatless meal and two smaller meatless meals not equal the larger meal are permitted. Every Friday of Lent is also a mandatory day of abstinence.
Stations of the Crosswill be offered each Friday at 2:30pm & at 7:30pm.
Our Lenten Soup Suppers begin this Friday at 6:00pm in the cafeteria. Please join us for a “sacrificial meal” before commemorating the Stations. Confessions will be heard after the evening stations.

St. Theresa Parish is located in Ashburn, Virginia which is approximately thirty-five miles west of Washington, D.C. We are part of the Arlington Diocese. The parish was started in 1991 by Monsignor James W. McMurtrie. For the first several years Mass was held at the local high school. In 1994, St. Theresa School was open and Masshas beenheld every day in the school’s multi purpose room.MonsignorMcMurtrie named the parish for St. Theresa of Lisieux. Theresa was also his mother’s name who raised him and his three other siblings alone after their father passed away when they were teenagers.

In 2002, Father Richard M. Guest became Pastor of our church.Since joining the parish, Father Guest has been overseeing the taskof building the new church.A ground breaking ceremony was held on September 30, 2007, and building began in April of 2008. The dedication of the new church was held on November 11, 2009.

The parish continues to grow to nearly three thousand families today. Our school boasts nearly five hundred students; our religious education program has another 1,700 students enrolled. Nearly three hundred children make First Communion every year along with another two hundred who are confirmed.


Doing small things with great love -that is what St. Theresa’s holiness was based on. It’s so
wonderful to belong to a parish where there is so much concern for one’s neighbor. Many things
have been and are being done with great love. Many of your fellow parishioners have been
sharing Christ’s love in many different ways from feeding & clothing the poor, to helping other
parishioners get to Mass or taking a meal to families experiencing difficulties. Please open up
the newsletter to meet some of them.
We need your help to continue to serve our Lord through helping His people. I was reminded
recently of the saying –“It takes a village…” It does– all of us sharing what we have–our time,
talents and gifts! There are so many ways to become involved and to have your children become
Sign up to receive our emails for up to date information every week on needs. Note that the
Consignment Sale brings in almost half of what we spend in helping others. Please consider
donating your time to help. See the chart below on how much we have assisted others over the
past year. Many of these families came from shelters. Many families have lost jobs, homes, have
physical disabilities, are elderly or come from domestic violence situations. In June, there were
653 students that met the definition for homeless in Loudoun County. All need God’s love and
support. All need a “village” that is willing to do small things
with great love! Special thanks to all who have been doing so
much for others
Some of our DMO Volunteers standing in front of
one of the four Divine Mercy Outreach storage
units. Left to right: Loan Jella, Jose Delgado,
Leonard White, Eric Baird (rear), Bobby
Kopczenski, Sue Burns, Christine Wilson, Camilla
Wilson, Christina Harrington and Teri Boyer.