Doing small things with great love -that is what St. Theresa’s holiness was based on. It’s so
wonderful to belong to a parish where there is so much concern for one’s neighbor. Many things
have been and are being done with great love. Many of your fellow parishioners have been
sharing Christ’s love in many different ways from feeding & clothing the poor, to helping other
parishioners get to Mass or taking a meal to families experiencing difficulties. Please open up
the newsletter to meet some of them.
We need your help to continue to serve our Lord through helping His people. I was reminded
recently of the saying –“It takes a village…” It does– all of us sharing what we have–our time,
talents and gifts! There are so many ways to become involved and to have your children become
Sign up to receive our emails for up to date information every week on needs. Note that the
Consignment Sale brings in almost half of what we spend in helping others. Please consider
donating your time to help. See the chart below on how much we have assisted others over the
past year. Many of these families came from shelters. Many families have lost jobs, homes, have
physical disabilities, are elderly or come from domestic violence situations. In June, there were
653 students that met the definition for homeless in Loudoun County. All need God’s love and
support. All need a “village” that is willing to do small things
with great love! Special thanks to all who have been doing so
much for others
Some of our DMO Volunteers standing in front of
one of the four Divine Mercy Outreach storage
units. Left to right: Loan Jella, Jose Delgado,
Leonard White, Eric Baird (rear), Bobby
Kopczenski, Sue Burns, Christine Wilson, Camilla
Wilson, Christina Harrington and Teri Boyer.